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Salonathon: What I Would Be Doing In My Living Room If I Wasn’t Doing It Here

Photo by MB Stanton

Upcoming performances with the side project theatre, The Stoop, and The Plagiarists. Keep your calendar updated HERE.

Spanx You Very Much


A theatrical dance extravaganza created by Dani Bryant, Erica Vannon, and Sheena Laird

Starring 40+ of the most fierce and talented women I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Presented at the final Sketchbook Festival by Collaboraction at the Chopin Theatre in January 2016


The show is open! Look at all these links of the recent media blitzzz and other ventures:

^Hey! It’s a snippet of Bad Dates, Or… performed at Sketch on the Rocks. Filmed by David Audino.

“So, I was enjoying it, this movie, this forbidden flick: Problem Child, starring John Ritter as a guy who adopts a child who turns out to be…a problem. In this film, there are a few moments of implied sexuality, tame by today’s standards, but at the time, I felt like Eve being tempted in the Garden of Eden. I can’t remember the exact moment that triggered my blossoming sexuality to bloom, because, truthfully, I haven’t watched the movie since. I just know it’ll never be as good as the first time…”
^My recently performed story, “Come and Knock On Our Door,” was published by You’re Being Ridiculous HERE.

“He’s so iconic, he’s a part of everyone’s childhood, even if you haven’t seen Star Wars, I mean who are you? But if you haven’t, then you’ve seen Indiana Jones or you’ve seen Air Force One, or you’ve seen The Fugitive, you’ve seen one of his movies, you grew up with him in some way, because pop culture has embraced him so much…”
^I got to hang around with Caffeinated Comics and talk about Harrison Ford all afternoon! Listen HERE.

^I also got to chat with the fine folks at Live at the Blue Box, one of the performance venues, in a live podcast. Listen to the recording HERE.

“It’s such a good idea that I can’t believe no one else is doing it,” said Eileen Tull, a “Flick Lit” performer. Tull will perform an excerpt from her one-woman show, “Bad Dates, Or What Killed That Monkey in Indiana Jones Only Makes Me Stronger,” which details her lifelong affection for Harrison Ford and how the obsession impacted her romantic and personal life.” – Jake Miller
^A few news items about Flick Lit: Reel-to-Real Storytelling, a new show where I’ll be featuring later this week with a snippet of Bad Dates, Or… alongside a lineup of great storytellers. Read an interview about the new event HERE. And don’t miss my adorable childhood photo on their website!

“Tull is an engaging performer with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Ford oeuvre, and many will be able to relate to her thus-far-fruitless quest to find love…”
^And finally, a review of Bad Dates, Or… that could be accurately described as “mixed.” There are lots of valid points, and I’m actually making a few minor adjustments to the show. Overall, though, you can’t please everyone!

Annnnnnnnnnd, it’s official, Bad Dates, Or… will be featured at WindyCon in November! Find more information about the convention schedule HERE.

Kill Your Darlings


BAD DATES, OR… opens in just a few days!

Mark your calendars to come see the show, but in the meantime, enjoy this nugget of cut dialogue from the show!

“I am so sure, so positive that we are perfect for each other. We make the same kinds of jokes, we watch the same TV shows, and we love the same movies.

And we like the same things about our favorite things. We both think that the first shot of a movie is the most important, and it should in some way speak to the final shot. We both think that Chicago is the greatest city in the world. It seems like we have the same politics, based on his ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. And we both think that Harrison Ford is the prime example of all that is wonderful about movie stars. I know all of this just from his online presence, just think about what we’ll bond over when we meet IRL.”


Coming up!


August 22nd and 29th: Beast Women (performance art)

September 3rd-5th: O+ Festival (solo performance)

September 10th-13th: LezPlay with Pride Films and Plays (directing)

September 19th: HI typ/O celebrations (performance art)

Photos! Videos! Headshots!


And lots of information about Harrison Ford

“Jesus” at the Cincy Fringe!

He’s a-coming! Jesus is soon returning to Cincinnati for the Cincy Fringe.

Performances are:
Wed, May 27 @ 6:30PM
Sat, May 30 @ 7:00PM
Sun, May 31 @ 2:00PM
at First Lutheran Church 1208 Race St.

Purchase tickets HERE.

Jesus, Do You Like Me? Please Mark Yes or No. (photo by Caroline Kidder)

Jesus, Do You Like Me? Please Mark Yes or No. (photo by Caroline Kidder)

2015 Photos

Bunches of photos are up on my performer facebook page, including Sappho’s Salon, The Stoop, Serving the Sentence. Full Circle Festival, The Enthusiasts, Mental Health America of Illinois, and the upcoming Cincinnati Fringe Festival!


IMG_7235 2

“All Dressed Up and Watch How I Glow” at Sappho’s Salon


Storytelling at The Stoop


“Weight/Training: a performance art play” at Full Circle Festival with Chicago Danztheatre – photo by Ingrid Ascencio


“Weight/Training: a performance art play” at Full Circle Festival with Chicago Danztheatre – photo by Ingrid Ascencio